Wednesday , 17 January 2018
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Study Claims Sugar as Addictive as Cocaine

Study Claims Sugar as Addictive as Cocaine:  Heated debate has greeted an article in a medical journal suggesting sugar should be considered a drug which is as addictive as cocaine.  While I am no scientist, I think if you’re seriously trying to determine if sugar is as addictive as cocaine, you first have to ask two very important questions 1) do people perform sexual favors for a sugar fix and 2) does Eric Clapton ever plan to follow-up on his hit single “Cocaine” with a song called “Sugar?”   If the answer to any of these questions are yes, then you may have a case.


Gravitational Wave Observatory Finds Three More Colliding Black Holes:  The Gravitational Wave Observatory reports that they have detected three more gargantuan gravitational waves caused by a pair of colliding black holes.  Then they wonder why insurance companies won’t cover them.  Hell, at this rate, even self-driving Teslas are having less collisions.


NASA’s Plan to Defuse Yellowstone’s Super Volcano:  NASA believes the Yellowstone super volcano is a greater threat to life on Earth than any asteroid, so it has come up with a plan to defuse its explosive potential by drilling a 5-mile-deep hole into the hydrothermal water below in an attempt to drain some 60 to 70 percent of the heat from the magma chamber below.  So if I understand this project correctly, NASA is trying to get an angry volcano to blow off some steam before it blows its top.

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Johnny Robish

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