Sunday , 26 February 2017
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Donald Trump

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New EPA Chief Calls for Aggressive Rollback of Environmental Regulations

New EPA Chief Calls for Aggressive Rollback of Environmental Regulations: During his recent speech at CPAC, Trump’s new head of the Environmental Protection Agency Scott Pruitt, called for an “aggressive agenda of regulatory rollbacks,” while criticizing the Obama administration for being “so focused too climate change.”


Yea, its about time huge corporate interests can once again be free to poison the air we breathe and dump toxins into the water supply. Can you imagine the absurdity of laws restricting coal companies from dumping mining waste into our streams and rivers? It just doesn’t make any sense – especially if you own a lot of coal company stocks.


I get the impression that Secretary Pruitt considers the Flint, Michigan debacle as kind of a pilot program for drinking water safety. Hell, I’m originally from Ohio where a river once caught fire. Talk about a state standing out from the rest of the pack! Now, with Pruitt as Trump’s new EPA chief, there’s once again hope we can bring Ohio back to its glory days.


Meanwhile, for those of us who now live in Los Angeles, wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to actually see the air we’re breathing once again? Talk about nostalgia, who doesn’t miss that colorful brown air of LA in the 1970’s? And on a personal note, none of this comes too soon as my doctor was just pointing out how he thinks the lead, mercury, chromium and arsenic levels in my bloodstream are way too low.

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Johnny Robish

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