Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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Pics Show Contrast of Madonna’s Youngish Face and Aging Hands

aging-handsPics Show Contrast of Madonna’s Youngish Face and Aging Hands:  Several news outlets have been pointing out the obvious contrast between pop icon Madonna’s youngish face and what appears to be her aging hands in a recently published pic.  Well, she’s obviously had a facelift and a boob job, perhaps its time for a hand job.     


pepper-sprayPepper Spray Inventor Unhappy With Its Use as Offense Weapon:  Inventor Kamran Logman, says he created pepper spray to prevent imminent injury, but over the last decade the spray has been frequently misused as an offensive weapon.  Logman says perhaps the cruelest use of his invention is the new “salt and pepper spray,” which, when used against beautiful, young politically active actors and actresses, can instantly turn them into middle-aged looking men and women with gray hair.


breast-augmentationBreast Augmentation Market Grows From High Tech Innovations:  Led by new innovations such as apps which show patients how different styles of implants would look on them, adjustable size implants in case of buyer’s remorse and 3-D printed nipples made from skin cells, the breast implant market is expected to grow a whopping 10.8% per year through 2020.  Analysts say the market has already grown two full cup sizes this year alone.  That said, investors are cautioned that breast augmentation will always be a boom or bust industry.

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Johnny Robish

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