Monday , 11 April 2022
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Our Lady of Perpetual Correctness (VERY IMPORTANT DOCS No. 6)

Our Lady of Perpetual Correctness (VERY IMPORTANT DOCS No. 6)
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Fake news, bubbles, and Donald Trump. Only one thing is actually certain anymore: reality has been compromised. How can we pop the bubble? BECOME MY PATRON:

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VERY IMPORTANT DOCUMENTARIES takes on BUBBLES. The liberal bubble city skit on SNL did a great job of directing attention to the liberal bubble The liberal bubble snl skit only talked about the liberal bubble, though. There is absolutely a conservative bubble too. Individualism caused both though. The Trump bubble burst all that. There was no trump bubble snl skit, but the donald trump bubble is more than just a little worrying. The trump bubble now includes a ton of people angry about fake news that also pretty much worship the primary beneficiary of fake news. Very Important Docs fake news exposed in this episode. John Oliver fake news warning. The fake news wars are going on like crazy. There's fake news facebook pages, fake news sites and just an endless amount of fake news. A big fake news alex jones makes lots of fake news clinton, fake news last week tonight. It's condescending to call people sheeple. People say "sheeple wake up" and all it does is turn people against them. This video doesn't explicitly say sheeple is a condescending term, but it heavily implies it. This is a sheeple documentary, though, like we the sheeple. VID doesn't aim to wake the sheeple, wake up sheeple, or anything though. The point is to undo the entire pretense and opt in to collectivism.

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