Monday , 11 April 2022
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What this site is really about....

Comedians! Build your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube fan base here!

I just made a ton of changes to the site and really need to re-write this page.  Long story short, if you are already tweeting jokes regularly and/or posting to YouTube regularly than this site is for you! You can easily connect your twitter and youtube accounts.  Your jokes and videos will be imported automatically and organized into highly search engine optimized topic pages.  Your tweets will also be automatically converted into memes that you can download and post all over the place.  Check out this example:

If you want to maximize your exposure then all you have to do is keep yourself informed as to what topics are trending on the site and I make that easy for you:

Writers Block Page – See what topic pages are getting the most views today, in the last 7 days and in the last 30 days.  Even when traffic isn’t spiking, we're still getting plenty of regular traffic across multiple topic pages.

We get plenty of audience every day!

Traffic Stats – I’ve made JokeBlogger’s traffic stats public on QuantCast.  Check out how much audience is comming in every day.

Excited!? All you have to do is become a comedian on the site.

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