Wednesday , 16 August 2017
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Adolf Hitler

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Not a Practicing Nazi - June 2015

Not a Practicing Nazi - June 2015
Plays: 35

Written by:
Topher Harless

Nick Gligor
Nadia Benavides
Matt Wilkie
Topher Harless

It's Past My Bedtime is a live comedy show in Los Angeles bringing together the best of late night and sketch comedy. Featuring special guests, a live band, and a new format of assorted live, filmed, and cartoon comedy,

Date and Time: The second Monday of every month at 8:30pm.

The theater:
Oh My Ribs!
6468 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90038

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Dana Loesch, the NRA, and The Violence Of Lies (ADVERSARIES №44)

Dana Loesch, the NRA, and The Violence Of Lies (ADVERSARIES №44)
Plays: 943

★THIS WEEK: "Viral NRA Ad" - Yeah, an ad that says: “they use their media to assassinate real news,” the woman’s voice says scornfully. “They use their schools to teach children that their president is another Hitler. They use their movie stars and singers and comedy shows and award shows to repeat their narrative over and over again.” Also, it's for guns.

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ADVERSARIES takes on a violent NRA commercial. The nra ad featuring dana loesch is absolutely undefendable. The nra and dana loesch nra take the Gun Debate to a new height, basically attempting to incite a civil war. An nra civil war would be very bad. The violence of lies National Rifle Association video. This nra video, basically a dana loesch nra ad 2017 doesn't even talk about Gun Control. The dana loesch nra ad looks to just be inciting violence. There's been a lot of dana loesch gun control content, but nothing as scary as this viral nra ad, called Freedom's Safest Place: The Violence Of Lies. This kind of NRA PSA has no place in society.

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More Hamburg G20 Context - Biased Cops (LAST NIGHTLY №61)

More Hamburg G20 Context - Biased Cops (LAST NIGHTLY №61)
Plays: 718

A Neo-Nazi died in Hamburg, leaving behind illegal paraphernalia and an illegal weapons cache. Yet, the police put more resources to investigating protesters than finding who is smuggling them. Hmm. ★BECOME A PATRON at

Previous G20 Video:


Wiederholte Verstöße: Bewaffneter Nazi war polizeibekannt:!5433300/
Waffenfund in Hamburg: Der stille Tod eines Neonazis:!5433015/

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