Saturday , 2 April 2022
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Andrew Jackson

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Why Was There a Civil War? (LAST NIGHTLY №26)

Why Was There a Civil War? (LAST NIGHTLY №26)
Plays: 3316

In a new Donald Trump interview, a new Trump Civil War comment has emerged. "President Trump on Civil War" is not a topic I'd ever cover, but now we have a "Trump Andrew Jackson" comment. Yay. ★BECOME A PATRON at

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LAST NIGHTLY takes on Donald Trump saying "why was there a Civil War" and that Donald Trump Civil War interview really is bad. He muses that if andrew jackson "had happened later" there would be no Civil War. The Trump Civil War facts are all wrong, Trump andrew jackson was not clever. The andrew jackson Civil War prevention isn't that viable. Would andrew jackson Trump the Civil War? No. He wouldn't. The Donald Trump andrew jackson quote might make you ask "when was the Civil War" but the Civil War dates are easy to find. As is the reason for it. Trump Civil War andrew jackson quote is insane, I can't imagine any other president including even Bush saying that. The Civil War was BASICALLY over slavery, but if you heard Trump on Civil War you'd think it was about some resolvable disagreement. The Trump interview was like any other Trump interview; Trump just exists to mess up combinations of words. The Trump Civil War comment is yet another terrible word salad and trivializes the american Civil War very badly. Why was there a Civil War? The interview between Trump dickerson revealed that Trump andrew jackson Civil War is just something Donald Trump should never have said. Also, I just never want to hear the words "Civil War Trump" near each other.

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History Lesson: April and Shanniqua Talk Andrew Jackson's Legacy

History Lesson: April and Shanniqua Talk Andrew Jackson's Legacy
Plays: 281

April Brucker and Shanniqua Parker talk about the legacy of Andrew Jackson For booking and to become a poppy seed please go to Please buy my book I Came, I Saw, I Sang:...

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April Brucker

April Brucker

Whenever you hear police sirens you know this woman has just ended a relationship
New York

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