Saturday , 12 June 2021
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Top 10 Corporations Who Use Prison/Slave Labor (LAST NIGHTLY №41)

Top 10 Corporations Who Use Prison/Slave Labor (LAST NIGHTLY №41)
Plays: 12546

The Clintons had prison labor (slaves) in the Arkansas governor's mansion. Here's companies from your life who have done the same! Not ad friendly! ★BECOME A PATRON at

Credit for bringing attention to this goes to Jeanette Jing & Samuel Sinyangwe:

13th on Netflix:

You've reached the channel of Peter Coffin, satirist and weirdo. Very Important Documentaries, Adversaries (with Ashleigh!) and Last Nightly are coming out all the time so make sure to check back soon. Please subscribe so you don't miss any and leave a message at the beep. BEEEEEEEEEP.

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LAST NIGHTLY takes on the question "Did Hillary Clinton own slaves? There's a big question regarding Hillary Clinton slaves or rather Hillary Clinton prison labor. Jeanette Jing and Samuel Sinyangwe of Black Lives Matter, or BLM, brought the question "did Hillary Clinton have slaves" to people's attention today, and the question hasn't recieved much press. Whether you agree or not with the assertions of this video, please watch Netflix 13th. The Netflix 13th documentary is about the 13th Amendment and features new jim crow's Michelle Alexander. The 13th documentary is a riveting look at the prison industrial complex and if this at least gets you to watch the Netflix 13th Amendment documentary.

It does turn out that hillary clinton used prison labor in arkansas A lot of people seemingly cannot believe that hillary clinton used prison slave labor as first lady of arkansas, but hillary clinton used prisoners to work governers mansion. It's shocking, and she likely wouldn't do that today, but we do need to acknowledge this.

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Southern Belle (Stand Up Comedy)

Southern Belle (Stand Up Comedy)
Plays: 2290

Lauren Bishop is a classy girl from Arkansas and her mother intends for her to stay that way.

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AR Platinum has 65k YouTube subs, all to watch him scratch Lotto tickets. We Discuss.

AR Platinum has 65k YouTube subs, all to watch him scratch Lotto tickets. We Discuss.
Plays: 328

AR PLATINUM and his story are fascinating to me. AR has the largest lottery channel on YouTube in the USA with over 65,000 subscribers. They all tune in every video to watch him scratch lotto tickets. SIXTY FIVE THOUSAND!! Holy shit!

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Barry Laminack

Barry Laminack

It's great to be alive (unless I've died since I filled this out - in that case ignore this part)
Houston, TX
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Plays: 73

Javi hits the road for his first week headlining for the Brewery/Winery Comedy Tour. The week starts off with a less than stellar open mic but that doesn't get him down as he looks forward to doing his first show in the state of Arkansas. Joined by comedian Luis Juarez, the two have a great show and time in Ft. Smith Arkansas even if it did end with a little bit of blood shed. The week looked like it would end on a bit of a downer when the comics find themselves performing to only 6 senior citizens and some bartenders in Arlington but all is well that ends:the show goes well and the night ends catching up with good friend/comedian Jesus Midnite Castillo.

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Javi Luna

Javi Luna

Everyone wants to be original. That's so hacky.
Corpus Christi, TX

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