Sunday , 29 March 2020
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Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Government Sex Scandals (Stand Up Comedy)

Government Sex Scandals (Stand Up Comedy)
Plays: 1389

Jane Condon talks about the laundry list of U.S. Governors who have been d-bags, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mark Sanford, and more!

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"The DJ Roscoe Sports Show"

"The DJ Roscoe Sports Show"
Plays: 12

Here's my brand new episode of "The DJ Roscoe Sports Show," where I talk about all the Yankees trades, the return of football, all the craziness surrounding the Olympics in Rio, the hotly anticipated comic book movie "Suicide Squad," I wish Arnold Schwarzenegger a happy birthday, and I wrap up the show by singing a song to my amazing wife!

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DJ Roscoe

DJ Roscoe

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