Tuesday , 23 May 2017
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Washington Post Dinosaur Comment Angers Creationist Ken Ham

Washington Post Dinosaur Comment Angers Creationist Ken Ham:  Creationist Ken Ham is reportedly very upset and telling the Washington Post to “get it right,” after they incorrectly reported that Ham believes the dinosaurs were wiped out by the flood when he actually believes that Noah brought all the dinosaurs on board the Ark with him.  Well of course the dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time.  Hell, there’s even a wonderful documentary on the subject titled “The Flintstones.”  Personally, I think I’ll wait to hear what Donald Trump has to say on the subject as he always seems to have “the very best” ideas about everything.  Besides, I think former Australian Ken Ham is a classic example of how the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) can go awry.


Trump Questions the Need for Cybersecurity:  In recent remarks, President-elect Donald Trump has been questioning the need for cybersecurity and claiming that no computer is completely safe – alarming experts who say his comments could put both government and private data at risk.  Why all this cybersecurity talk is nothing but silly nonsense.  If you listen to those guys long enough, you could could get the impression the Russians hacked into our computers or something.  Now how about playing some music for me on my 8-track.


Vandals Change Iconic Hollywood Sign to Hollyweed:  The iconic “Hollywood” sign got a New Year’s Day makeover from an unknown vandal who used a black tarp to transform the letters into a message celebrating marijuana by making the sign read “Hollyweed.”  Police have arrested a man who claims he was just too drunk to remember.

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Johnny Robish

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