Wednesday , 21 August 2019
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Bernie Sanders

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WaPo obscures its own poll to dunk on Bernie Sanders | Many Peters ⁵⁹

WaPo obscures its own poll to dunk on Bernie Sanders | Many Peters ⁵⁹
Plays: 31378

the washington post ran a poll and then just ignored the poll because it was different than their narrative on Bernie Sanders - which matters because WaPo is "real" news, right?

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Sydney Ember’s Secret Sources [Katie Halper/FAIR]

The reporter on the NYT's Bernie Sanders beat consistently fails to identify her sources as corporate lobbyists [Cory Doctorow/BoingBoing]

How Headlines Distort News About Bernie Sanders [Christo Aivalis/YouTube]

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Hillary Clinton's Bernie Sanders ATTACK AD

Hillary Clinton's Bernie Sanders ATTACK AD
Plays: 4085

Bernie Sanders shows his true colors in this new ad by Hillary Clinton - or is the SPIN MACHINE way off on this one?

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If Bernie Sanders Solved Problems Like Trump

If Bernie Sanders Solved Problems Like Trump
Plays: 8077

Who's un-electable now?


Starring: David Lowe, J.A. Lerman
Written by: David Lowe, J.A. Lerman & Brendan Lynch-Salamon
Directed by: J.A. Lerman
Exec. Producers: J.A. Lerman, Brendan Lynch-Salamon, David Lowe, Tim Fox & Ian McNabb

Director of Photography: Evan Okada
Production Design & Make-up by: Rebecca Contreras
Music & Sound Design by: Brendan Lynch-Salamon
Edited by: Ian McNabb
Production Sound: Edmond Smith
Sound Editor & Mixer: Brendan Lynch-Salamon
Colorist: Evan Okada
Graphics & Titles: J.A. Lerman


Allyn Morse
Brendan Lynch-Salamon
David Lowe
Evan Okada
Ian McNabb
J.A. Lerman
Rebecca Contreras
Tim Fox

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