Thursday , 28 May 2020
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Chevy Chase Enters Rehab for Alcohol Problem Tuneup

Chevy ChaseChevy Chase Enters Rehab for Alcohol Problem Tuneup:  Chevy Chase has checked into the rehab facility Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center in Minnesota for what his publicist referred to as a “tuneup” in his alcohol recovery.  Good for him!  Last time he rehabbed, he went to the Betty Ford Center.  Think about it folks – a Chevy going to a Ford Center?  No wonder the treatment didn’t take.


Boeing MissileBoeing Developing Missile That Wipes Out Everything Electrical:  Boeing is reportedly developing a missile that bombards everything under the ground with microwaves – taking out everything electrical – from your iPad to critical city power systems.  Of course here in LA, we already have something that routinely wipes out all our electricity – its called the Department of Water and Power.


BurglerMartha’s Vineyard Burglar Paints Dog Purple:  A Martha’s Vineyard man has been arrested – accused of a string of home break-ins, one of which cops say he painted a dog purple.  This guy sounds like a total idiot.  Doesn’t he know that after a burglary, you’re supposed to go out and “paint the town red,” not paint the dog purple!  In his defense, perhaps he thought the dog was a Vikings fan.

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