Tuesday , 20 March 2018
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Bill Clinton

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Trump Suggests Hillary On Performance-Enhancing Drugs

donald-trumpTrump Suggests Hillary On Performance-Enhancing Drugs:  During a recent rally in Portsmouth, Donald Trump suggested that Hillary Clinton may have taken “performance-enhancing drugs” before the last presidential debate.


At first I laughed at the idea of Hillary on performance-enhancing drugs, but then it occurred to me that Trump may have just provided us with the first logical explanation as to how she was able to win the 100-meter sprints in the Rio this past summer!


But come on, a guy with constant cocaine sniffles and mob ties complaining about his opponent using performance-enhancing drugs?  My question is, if Clinton is doping, how come its always Trump who comes out sounding like a dope?


Its starting to look as if the entire Trump campaign is quickly deflating – you know – kind of like one of his trophy wives without a boob job.  And after being abandoned by much of the Republican establishment, Trump made a grand announcement that he has finally become “unshackled,” although some might argue that a more accurate term would probably be “unhinged.”


Meanwhile, rumor has it that about the only Republican bigwig left who’s secretly hoping for a Trump victory in November is former President George W Bush – and that’s only because he’s hoping that when someone does a Google search for the “the Dumbest American President ever,” his name will no longer appear at the top of the list.

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Johnny Robish

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