Sunday , 3 April 2022
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Camilla Duchess of Cornwall
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Prince George to be Given New Royal Title

earl grey

It has been announced that Prince George, the child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, will be given a new royal title in time for his first birthday on July 22nd 2014.

The title has caused some controversy as not everyone is convinced this is a good move. Prince George will be formally given the title Earl Grey. The proposed moniker is most famous for a flavoured tea, however it has been used as a Royal Title since 1806 and is being resurrected at the request of Prince Philip, the husband of HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

Controversy has arisen since The Daily Express uncovered the little known Viscount Howick, real name Alexander Edward Grey, who has taken an injunction out against the Queen to stop her using the title. As we will discover in our exclusive discussion with the Viscount, he claims that the title is still in use and owned by him.

Evergreen BBC Royal Correspondent Nicholas Witchell explained, “The Queen had to think of a name to give Prince George. She said they could not continue to call him Prince George of Cambridge, believing the title would restrict his future choice of university. It’s believed that Prince Philip considered calling him the Duke of Slough, but controversy was soon averted when Camilla revealed he was simply trying to be funny again. The reason they have chosen ‘Earl Grey’ is because it is a Royal Tea, according to sources inside Buckingham Palace.”

When asked about Alexander Edward Grey, Mr Witchell continued, “I don’t know much about Viscount Howick, he’s somewhat of an enigma. I believe he likes shortbread, so I guess he just wants independence like the people of Scotland. I’m not sure I am qualified to comment on this, I failed my A-Level in Teaology.”

We managed to speak with Viscount Howick, who told us, “I think it’s terrible that the Royal Family can just give out names and titles willy nilly. It needs to be stopped, if it doesn’t stop I’ll eat my hat. I don’t have a hat, but if I did I would surely remove it and gobble it whole. Shortbread is nicer than hats, I have to be honest. I’m not sure about the ‘All-Butter’ shortbread though, that would probably melt wouldn’t it? And surely if its ‘All-Butter’ it isn’t shortbread at all, it’s just butter. Utter nonsense! I think they have mixed up the ‘Royal Tea’ and ‘Royalty’ thing. Earl Grey is not just a posh beverage, it’s a way of life.”

We called Prince Philip and asked him for his reasoning behind this choice of name, “I don’t like this name, I didn’t choose it. I prefer the Duke of Birkenhead or the Duke of Hazard. (Ed – He was sniggering at this point.) Oh bugger! That’s blown it, I didn’t really want to breath on this phone, Lizzie has had a cold for a few days and coughed on it last night… (Ed – The phone went dead at this point.)

The naming ceremony is likely to take place at Westminster Abbey on Prince George’s birthday. The new title has not been ratified yet by the EU and therefore could change. We will keep you updated with any news as we get it.

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Phil Woods

Phil Woods

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