Monday , 21 August 2017
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New Millipede Found Inside California Cave

millipedeNew Millipede Found Inside California Cave:  Scientists say they’ve discovered a rare new species of millipede in a marble cave in California’s Sequoia National Park, and the critter has an astounding 414 legs.  When questioned how the millipede could have gotten into the cave into the first place, researchers say they can think of hundreds of ways that could have happened.


etsHawking Warns Against Contacting ET’s:  Though he’s deeply involved in a project to find out if there are alien beings out there, noted theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking warns that even if we do find ET, we shouldn’t attempt to talk to it.  Others argue that if we do come in contact with aliens, we should try and settle them in and around the greater Cleveland area.  After all, what’s the worst damage they could do there?


bei-beiPanda Cub at Washington Zoo Recovering After Surgery:  Officials say giant panda cub Bei Bei, who is a star attraction at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, is expected to fully recover after emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction caused by a mass of bamboo lodged in his digestive tract.  A Trump spokesperson warns they expect to see many more panda bowel obstructions as the Obama administration does whatever it can to distract us during the final days of its administration.

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