Saturday , 21 October 2017
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Mom Refuses to Let Child Be Taught by Fat Teacher

Mom Refuses to Let Child Be Taught by Fat Teacher:  British journalist Hilary Freeman wrote an article about her search for a nursery school for her daughter, but when the school hooked her up with an overweight caretaker, she knew the school wasn’t for her and opted to send her daughter to a school where “the staff are all a healthy weight.”


Good grief, wonder what she teaches the child about that fat guy named Santa?  “Lay off the candy canes old man!”  But geez, with a mom like that, the poor kid has to be an eating disorder just waiting to happen.  I think she really needs to take a long look in the mirror before she starts pointing out other people’s imperfections.  On the other hand, maybe she did – and the mirror broke.  Besides, I’m not so sure it’s such a good idea to be all head-strong about being thin.  I mean hell – aren’t most meth addicts thin?


But she may have a point.  Everyone knows that children who are taught by skinny teachers are so much smarter – I think the cutoff is about a size 8.  And while it’s certainly her right to choose any teacher she wishes – if I were a child, I think I’d rather have a “fat” teacher than an ignoramus for a mother – but that’s just me.

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Johnny Robish

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