Friday , 6 December 2019
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Clive Davis
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Mom Fined 1.97 Million Dollars For Downloading 22 Songs

Mom Fined 1.97 Million Dollars For Downloading 22 SongsRolling Stone Magazine News: Jury awards record company, record financial verdict, for records that would not have been sold anyway. Records all hit the Gold Level Mark after verdict said Clive Davis, famous record producer. The Music Industry is Happy they do not have to sell records any longer to make money, please download all you want said Mr. Davis. Moms Attorney, Kiwi Camara, said if you have piracy case against you, PLEASE do not call her, mom agreed with her Lawyer.

Criminal Mom In Picture. She said it is like the year of the pirates and said she never wanted to grow up and be a pirate, it just happened that way.

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