Saturday , 21 October 2017
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Astronomers Find Half of Missing Matter in Universe

Astronomers Find Half of Missing Matter in Universe:  In one of cosmology’s perplexing problems, up to 90% of the ordinary matter in the universe appears to have gone missing, and astronomers report that they’ve finally detected about half of this missing content for the first time.  So I’m guessing that means the other half is still misplaced?  Tell you what, I’ll keep an eye out and if I happen to see any of it, I’ll let you know.


Mass Shootings Create Demand for Active Shooter Insurance:  One interesting development about the frequency of recent mass shootings has been the establishment of a market for “Active Shooter Insurance,” which covers the economic fallout from such tragedies, such as lawsuits, funerals, public relations cleanup and loss of business.  Gee, Active Shooter Insurance?  In America, don’t leave home without it.  My question is, does it cover embalming?


Scientists Sight Dangers of Nanomaterials Examined:  As the tiny substances called nanomaterials rapidly move into the marketplace in products as varied as cosmetics, clothing and paint, a panel of scientists say its time to investigate their potential risks.  In response, companies producing the nanomaterials are telling scientists “don’t sweat the small stuff – and of course – with nanomaterials, its all small stuff.”


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