Saturday , 2 April 2022
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Craig Ferguson

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Brian Scott McFadden on The Late Late Show w/Craig Ferguson

Brian Scott McFadden on The Late Late Show w/Craig Ferguson
Plays: 19771

Comic Brian Scott McFadden takes on a recent girlfriend as well as CNN, the BBC and the entire disaster news industry in a recent appearance on The Late Late...

Brian Scott McFadden

Brian Scott McFadden

Comic Genius, Artistic Visionary, Psychological Safecracker, Sexual Shaman
New York, NY

Episode 113: Steve Hofstetter

Episode 113: Steve Hofstetter
Plays: 108

Episode 113: Comedy is a business. This week's guest is comedian, author, & producer, Steve Hofstetter (Laughs, Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson). We had an in depth conversation about the business of comedy from running festivals to owning comedy clubs, creating content, engaging with fans and marketing. Plus lots more! Rate, review, and subscribe!






Dan Bublitz Jr:

Steve Hofstetter:





#standup #comedy #podcast #success #failure #selfhelp #stevehofstetter

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Dan Bublitz Jr.

Dan Bublitz Jr.

San Diego, CA

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