Tuesday , 20 March 2018
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Elvis Impersonator Released Over Poison Letters

elvis-impersonatorElvis Impersonator Released Over Poison Letters:  Police say a 45-year-old part-time Elvis impersonator has been released from jail after having been accused of sending poison-filled letters to President Obama.  Luckily for the other inmates, his release came just moments before he was about to sing “Jailhouse Rock.”


bibleFewer Hotels Are Placing Bibles in Rooms:  Due to changing cultural values and religious demographics, researchers say fewer and fewer hotels are placing Bibles in their rooms.  Thus fulfilling an old Gene Simmons’ prophesy, guess we’ll all be “living in sin at the Holiday Inn.”


a-shepherdGreek Shepherds Can Whistle Entire Conversations:  Researchers say they were surprised to find that shepherds in a remote Greek village can whistle entire conversations, favoring whistling over spoken words because the sound waves travel much farther and allow them to communicate between distant hillsides.  What’s the big deal?  Hell, construction workers have been using whistling to get their point across for years.

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Johnny Robish

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