Saturday , 21 October 2017
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Corey Lewandowski Compares Trump to Ernest Hemingway

Corey Lewandowski Compares Trump to Ernest Hemingway:  During a recent appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski compared Donald Trump to the Nobel Prize winning author, claiming the Mr Trump is “the Ernest Hemingway of Twitter.”


Interesting point, and I do have to admit I rather enjoyed Trump’s latest bestseller “A Farewell to Arms – and the Tiny, Little Hands Attached to Them.”  On the other hand, I didn’t realize calling people nasty names on Twitter is suffice to warrant comparisons to Nobel Prize winning authors.  I suppose Trump would be grateful for the compliment, if only he had the slightest idea who the hell Ernest Hemingway was.


I mean, Hemingway wrote novels, while Trumps needs a ghostwriter for anything that goes longer than 140 characters.  And of course there’s always that pesky little fact that Hemingway actually knew how to read, write and spell – although Trump does frequently lay claim to knowing all of the best words (i.e. bigly, yuge, loser and of course – covfefe).


But in all fairness, I suppose there are some legitimate comparisons.  Hemingway loved bullfighting, Trump loves throwing out loads of bull crap.  Hemingway was one of America’s best writers of fiction, while nearly everything that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth is fiction.


But the comparisons don’t stop there.  Hemingway received the Nobel Prize for Literature – while Trump hung Fake Time Magazine Covers featuring his picture on the clubhouse walls at his golf courses.  Sadly, Hemingway committed suicide, while President Trump is slowly committing political suicide.


Anyway, if Mr Trump really wants to cement a solid Hemingway comparison, I think he needs to publish a few more books.  Here’s a few suggestions for titles – ”The Old Man And His Daughter,”  “The Snow Jobs of Kiliman Jared,”  “A Farewell to Sanity” and perhaps most appropriate for the Trump legacy – “To Have and Have More!”

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Johnny Robish

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