Thursday , 17 August 2017
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Mountain Mirrors Allow Small Norway Town to See Winter Sunshine

Mountain MirrorsMountain Mirrors Allow Small Norway Town to See Winter Sunshine:  Because its tucked in between steep mountains, the town of Rjukan, Norway is normally completely shrouded in shadow six months a year.  Now, thanks to three 183-square-foot mirrors placed on a nearby mountain, rays from the winter sun are being reflected for the first time on the city’s market square.  After the instrument was completed, designers admitted they had no idea where to put it, until someone suggested “why not stick it where the sun don’t shine?”


TexasPoll Finds Many Texans Going Hungry:  A new poll has found that as many as 20% of all Texans are really struggling to be able to afford food.  In an effort to relieve further suffering, Texas officials suggest it might be a good idea for hungry residents to avoid watching networks like “The Food Channel.”  


Universe OlderScience Finds Universe Older Than Previously Thought:  According to a new study, scientists miscalculated the universe’s age by 80 million years—meaning it’s actually 13.81 billion years old instead of the 13.4 billion previously thought.  OK, so it turns out the universe might be a tad bit older than we thought, but so what?  Age is just a number.

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Johnny Robish

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