Thursday , 7 April 2022
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Salt Lake Sicky| Glorified Open Mic'r|Ep.4|VLOG

Salt Lake Sicky| Glorified Open Mic'r|Ep.4|VLOG
Plays: 145

As Chingo Bling's Going Viral Tour gets ready for it's first stop in Salt Lake City Javi finds himself under the weather. The show must go on as he travels to Utah and back in 24 hours. The show is a success but not without a few bumps along the way. On top of Javi's severe cold that trip is riddle with mishaps including gettting left at the wrong terminal, a deserted IHOP, losing his ID at the airport, and losing his voice on stage. All is well that ends well. Thank you to Wiseguy's Comedy Club and Salt Lake City for such a great experience.
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Javi Luna

Javi Luna

Everyone wants to be original. That's so hacky.
Corpus Christi, TX

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