Friday , 6 December 2019
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Rachel O'Brien - Instagram Babies (Stand Up Comedy)

Rachel O'Brien - Instagram Babies (Stand Up Comedy)
Plays: 1504

Rachel O'Brien talks about people who have babies and post their pictures on Instagram.

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The Original Gordito Podcast- Ep. 20 VIP Onion Rings

The Original Gordito Podcast- Ep. 20 VIP Onion Rings
Plays: 42

Javi goes LIVE on IG (@javillunacomedy) and talks about his show in Victoria  (sponsored by Stoned Supreme Relaxation)this past weekend and chimes in on why people are so upset about Whataburger selling their majority stakes to a Chicago based investment firm.  Visit Javi's new online store Original Gordito Clothing and don't forget you can also leave us a voice message on anchor, E-mail the show, or just leave us a review on Apple Podcasts. 
Netflix and Chat with Sweets: Sweets joins the convo to finish our review of Netflix's Friends From College. The Luna's gave the 1st season of the now cancelled Dramedy 3.75 Moons and explain their rating along with problems they each had with the show. Join us next week for our review of Gabriel Iglesias new Netflix show "Mr. Iglesias" 
Vinyl Vibes- Me and Bobby McGee performed by Willie Nelson Written by Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster 
Album Info: Willie Nelson Sings Kristofferson released 1979

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Javi Luna

Javi Luna

Everyone wants to be original. That's so hacky.
Corpus Christi, TX

Daily Vlog #9: Dumb Things People Said Online

Daily Vlog #9: Dumb Things People Said Online
Plays: 229

For my next daily vlog video I discuss the dumbest things that people said on the internet, like Twitter or Instagram. It will make you wonder if we have truly lost faith in humanity.

Link for more info:

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Andrew Padovano

Andrew Padovano

Finding a little bit of humor in everything
Long Island, NY

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