Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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John Kelly
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Sources Say John Kelly Called President Trump an Idiot 755w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />Sources Say John Kelly Called President Trump an Idiot:  Though he is denying it, eight current and former White House officials are claiming that White House chief of staff John Kelly is eroding morale in the West Wing, makes insulting comments about the president’s intelligence and casts himself as the savior of the country.


Wait a minute, are you telling me John Kelly is claiming he doesn’t really think Trump is an idiot?  Why he must be an idiot.  Put another way, at this point in the Trump presidency, anyone who doesn’t think Trump is an idiot – must be a moron.  Good grief, I’m not sure which would be the worst job, being a latrine cleaner at an interstate rest stop, or President Trump’s chief of staff.  


In related news, one source with close ties to Gen Kelly is vehemently denying the idiot accusations, saying she was in the room at the time and she distinctly remembers Gen Kelly calling Trump an imbecile – not an idiot.  Others claim Gen Kelly actually meant to call Trump an idiot savant – but minus the savant part!


Anyway, the bottom line is that if Gen Kelly did in fact call President Trump an idiot, then in all fairness – we need to give the President credit for finally hiring someone who shares the collective beliefs of the majority of Americans.

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Johnny Robish

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