Saturday , 24 February 2018
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Kathy Griffin

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Headless Body and Severed Head Found in Jackson Mississippi

Headless Body and Severed Head Found in Jackson Mississippi:  Police say they are investigating to see if there’s a link between a young man’s severed head found on a doorstep and a headless body found in another location of Jackson, Mississippi.


Good grief, they found a headless body in Jackson?  Now I could understand if it was Sleepy Hollow.  Police say at this point, Kathy Griffin is not a suspect, but they don’t wanna stick their necks out and say for sure.  After all, Griffin is a very funny comedian, who has been known to make people laugh their heads off.


Meanwhile, the Jackson police don’t seem to be able to make heads or tails of the case, even though there is a huge body of evidence.  Now I’m no detective, but if you ask me, I think its pretty obvious that whomever put the severed head on the doorstep is also the person who committed the crime.  Case solved!

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