Tuesday , 5 April 2022
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Larry Craig
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Happy Thanksgiving

You know it's Thanksgiving because . . .

Michael Vick organizes turkey fights

Barry Bonds injects himself with cranberry sauce

O.J. Simpson steals the mashed potatoes

Paris Hilton uses a turkey baster in a scene from her latest porn video

Turkey is on the Bush menu--it's the next country he plans to invade

Dog the Bounty Hunter uses an epithet when asked if he would like any dark meat

Dick Cheney goes turkey hunting and bags a turkey when he accidently shoots himself

Senator Larry Craig is in a Boise public restroom doing the turkey trot

The Clinton's turkey hasn't thawed--and neither has Hillary

The captain of the Cosco Busan knocks over the gravy boat and causes a huge spill

Lindsay Lohan enjoys Wild Turkey at her favorite club


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NASA Says Earth-Like Planet Discovered

Earth-Like PlanetNASA Says Earth-Like Planet Discovered:  NASA scientists announced that they’ve discovered an Earth-like planet some 1,400 light-years away orbiting in a habitable zone of a G2-type star similar to the sun.  While on the surface this sounds like great news, astronomers caution that even if the planet happens to be populated with intelligent beings, we’d probably hate their music.


Russian PhysicistRussian Physicist Suspected of Spying in Germany:  A Russian 28-year-old physicist who worked for a top German research institute specializing in quantum optics, is suspected of spying for Moscow between 2009 and 2011.  If convicted, he could do some serious time – and space as described in “string (him up) theory.”


Bob DixonGOP Candidate Says Religious Experience Saved Him From Being Gay:  Republican Missouri state senator Bob Dixon announced his run for governor by citing his 23 years as a strong supporter of traditional marriage, even though he lived as a gay man for many years before a religious conversion “turned him heterosexual.”  That’s all sounds well and good until he meets-up with former Senator Larry Craig in some airport bathroom or someone drops the soap in the shower at the local gymnasium.  While Dixon didn’t elaborate what “religious experience” could have possibly turned him from gay to heterosexual, some say privately there’s a strong possibility he may have seen Rush Limbaugh naked.

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The post NASA Says Earth-Like Planet Discovered appeared first on Rubbish In, Robish Out!.

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Johnny Robish

Johnny Robish

Guns Don't Kill, Postal Workers Do!
Malibu, California

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American Idol Axes First Finalist

David Hernandez was the first Top 12 contestant dismissed from American Idol last night. Hernandez made headlines last week after it was revealed to The Associated Press that he worked as a stripper at a Phoenix club with a "mostly male" clientele.

Today Hernandez received an offer to intern for Senator Larry Craig.

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