Saturday , 23 February 2019
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Bears Jay Cutler Gets Slammed in Fan’s Obituary

Jay CutlerBears Jay Cutler Gets Slammed in Fan’s Obituary: Chicago Bears veteran quarterback Jay Cutler has shouldered a lot of criticism since entering the NFL in 2006, but a female Bears’ fan slamming him in her obituary has everyone in the Windy City talking. Good grief, what’s the big deal? Hell, its Chicago! Dead people vote on a regular basis in Chicago – no reason why they can’t do sports commentary too!Phoenix City Council


Kenny SailorsJump Shot Pioneer Kenny Sailors Dies At 95: While he never got into the NBA Hall of Fame, the man credited with being the first player to use the modern jump shot – Kenny Sailors – has died at age 95. Not in the Hall of Fame? Why I can think of a lot of players who’d jump at the chance to shoot baskets like Sailors.


City CouncilPhoenix City Council Tries to Prevent Satanists From Prayer Offering: Members of the Phoenix City Council are seeking a new rule to try and stop a satanic group from delivering the opening prayer at an upcoming meeting. Meanwhile, in other satanic news, Liz Cheney just announced she’ll be running for a seat in the US House from Wyoming.


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