Tuesday , 22 May 2018
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Trump Interior Secretary Recommending Shrinking National Monuments

Trump Interior Secretary Recommending Shrinking National Monuments:  In a highly controversial move ordered by the White House, Trump Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke will seek to shrink more that 27 designated National Monument sites throughout the United States.  Yea, and something tells me its a pretty safe bet to assume that that monument shrink list isn’t likely to include many Confederate monuments.


Powerball Winner Claims $758m and Immediately Quits Job:  Mavis Wanczyk, the woman who just won the $759 million Powerball lottery, immediately quit her job at a Massachusetts medical center where she had worked for 32 years, saying that now that she won, she just wants to “be alone and just be able to be me.”  And, what a better way to “just be me” then quit your job and blast off on a spectacular spending spree – gobbling up scores of houses, cars, jewelry, exotic vacations and other very expensive goodies that she knows all her friends and family could never afford.  Whoever said life isn’t fair?


Uranus Likely Full of Giant Diamonds:  Scientists believe that when it rains on a massive planet like Uranus, which has a relatively tiny rocky core and a mantle consisting of slurried water, ammonia, methane ices and a thick atmosphere – it literally rains diamonds.  Well, I guess that pretty much explains why the planet has rings – otherwise, what’s the point of having all those diamonds laying around?  One thing’s for sure, if you’re low on cash, this place sounds like the perfect place to get engaged.


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