Saturday , 19 August 2017
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Trump Explains Away Swedish Terror Attack Remarks

Trump Explains Away Swedish Terror Attack Remarks:  The New York Times is reporting that after bewildering residents and officials of Sweden by suggesting at a recent campaign rally their country had the victim of a terrorist attack over the weekend, President Donald Trump explained away the incident by saying he had heard about it during a Fox News interview with a conservative filmmaker.


I think its just outrageous how the liberal media with their fake news is refusing to acknowledge the horrors of this imaginary terrorist attack.  I mean, don’t the good people of Sweden have a right to know that they have been brutally attacked and are now dead?


Reports say the shock and horror of this imaginary tragedy are simply unprecedented – perhaps even exceeding the carnage of the Bowling Green attack.  All of our thoughts and prayers must go out to the victims of this savage attack which President Trump has apparently managed to pull right out of his ass.


And while its easy to make fun about an imaginary attack, its also important to be sensitive to all the imaginary families who lost their loved ones in this attack which never happened.  Fortunately for Sweden, unlike America – everyone has healthcare, so all the imaginary victims will be able to be treated free of charge.


Meanwhile, its being reported that the intelligence community is demanding that President Trump be forbidden to watch any more “Road Runner” cartoons.  One of the big problems with Donald Trump’s new reality show is – you just can’t switch it off.

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Johnny Robish

Johnny Robish

Guns Don't Kill, Postal Workers Do!
Malibu, California

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