Thursday , 30 March 2017
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The Best Man

The Best Man
Plays: 2209

Sometimes the Best Man isn't a man at all.


Starring: Brendan Lynch-Salamon, Jennifer Sercia, Allyn Morse, Tim Fox, Marielle Vigneau-Britt, David Lowe, Alex Gallant and J.A. Lerman as the voice of The Best Man
Written by: J.A. Lerman, Ian McNabb, Brendan Lynch-Salamon, Tim Fox & Allyn Morse
Directed by: Ian McNabb & J.A. Lerman
Produced by: Ian McNabb
Exec. Producers: J.A. Lerman, Brendan Lynch-Salamon, David Lowe, Tim Fox & Ian McNabb

Director of Photography: Evan Okada
Production & Costume Design by: Rebecca Contreras
Music & Sound Design by: Brendan Lynch-Salamon
Edited by: Ian McNabb

Assistant Director: David Lowe
Gaffer: Evan Cox
Assistant Camera: Uli Valdovinos
Key Grip: Anthony Yamamoto
Production Sound: Edmond Smith & Jake Miller
Hair & Make-up: Morgan McDonnell
Production Assistant: Jason
Sound Editor & Mixer: Jake Miller
Colorist: Evan Okada
Visual Effects: J.A. Lerman
Titles: J.A. Lerman & David Lowe


Allyn Morse
Brendan Lynch-Salamon
David Lowe
Evan Okada
Ian McNabb
J.A. Lerman
Rebecca Contreras
Tim Fox

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Why everyone should support gay marriage (Stand Up Comedy)

Why everyone should support gay marriage (Stand Up Comedy)
Plays: 23062

From Steve Hofstetter's "Ginger Kid", 6 minutes of stand-up comedy on why everyone should support gay marriage.

Recorded February, 2014. Get the full album at

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Movin' on up! (Stand Up Comedy)

Movin' on up! (Stand Up Comedy)
Plays: 955

Julian Michael talks about being married to a white guy.

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