Saturday , 18 November 2017
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Megyn Kelly

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Fox Offered Megyn Kelly a $100 Million Package

Fox Offered Megyn Kelly a $100 Million Package:  Its being reported that Megyn Kelly was offered a huge $100 million package to remain with Fox News, but chose to go with NBC anyway.  Get serious!  Are we really supposed to believe that Roger Ailes has a $100 million package?


Study Finds Sugar-Free Soft Drinks Do Not Aid Weight Loss:  A new study found that soft drinks made with artificial sweeteners, such as diet colas, do not help people lose weight and may be as big a part of the obesity problem as the full-sugar versions.  Too bad because a friend just gave me a full case of diet sodas for Christmas – which I thought was really sweet.


Radio Signals Traced to Galaxy 3 Billion Light-Years Away:  A mysterious radio signal that has confounded scientists for a number of years has finally been traced to a small galaxy more than 3 billion light-years away.  Astronomers say there’s not much use in trying to radio them back, given that the only person who’s likely to still be around in another 3 billion years will be Keith Richards.


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