Saturday , 2 April 2022
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Minnesota Wild
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What if John Rocker's Greenskeeper alter ego was dead?

John Rocker's transition from professional baseball great to WorldNetDaily conservative pundit could be far from over.


But who cares if Rocker turns away from controversy and sways toward writing controversial Republican conspircy and how Congress is working their own majic?


Whatever Rocker take to the next level of conspiring the Republicans, make fun of covering the scandal concerning J. Michael Pearson, the controversial Valeant Pharmaceuticals International chief executive officer who was accused of conversing over the many Big Pharma acquisitions the Canadian drug discoverer had made through the past five years.


Rocker has been writing for WorldNetDaily since 2011; however; Rocker, therefore, is losing his temper.


To many John Loy Rocker fans and the conservative elite, I would've been writing for the Drudge Report long enough. Will Rocker sue the House of Congress for the time being?


Truth tells time is right on Rocker's side.


I am a proud supporter of conservative values - something the liberals may not touch.


Don't ask Rocker! Don't tell him!


Hee hee! Git-R-gun!


Stay vigilant, Republicans! Do you believe John Rocker's career as a Republican conspiracy theorist will go up in S-M-O-K-E?


Here's a very strange, very small email from the great John Loy Rocker himself:


Dear Mr. Rocker,


I convince you to stay vigilant and call the House of Representatives for a quick Republican public-policy reform checkup... it's the best decision you will ever continue to maker the common good proud!


Yours truthfully,

Mark Thomas Watson

"The Comedy Answer Man"


Meanwhile, don't expect Rocker to return to the MLB pennant any time sooner, later or both.


Why do the conservatives love to h8 John Rocker these days?


Rocker, as I see it from an ultra conservative perspective, is the Nation's Capitol's most wanted Republican pundit who conspires the statesmen of America for the common good beyond power political warfare. To me, everyone on Capitol Hill fights for Rocker's indecision behind the issues concerning all Republican National Convention member lawmakers who embrace the war on public-policy warfare. The nonprophit organization Common Cause rears Rocker's head as Republican figures debate over the crises affecting all Congressional figures young and old who experience their mission to embrace change. So Rocker will go online at no further than to seek the truth about attributing world political adversary.


The State of Republican Conservative Value Creation Combat is where Minnesota State Representative Matt Dean dicusses the issues and the impace Congress has on Dean's conservative gubernatorial elite. Who will blame State Rep Dean over the Rockerian rheoric spreading like wildfire?


I dare you, State Representative Dean, to combat Democratic secretion in all Republican reform bill proposals! Git-R-gun!


Rocker's clear view of the political scene is highly questionible. But to whom the majority of the lawmakers who defy the questionibility of statesmanship and however the conservatives weigh in on more timely hot-button conflicts is reared inside the mind of baseball's John Loy Rocker.


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I ain't got no time to blog. Comedy Co.

December 3 - 7 PM

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Rob Ford may not be in Chicago

Strange! The best place to hide may be 'in plain sight': Among a huge amount oif white, racist, mysogynistic, addicted obese people. The U.S. would have top of my list.

He only had the briefest stops in Chicago before disappearing. Alot like the Minnesota Wild.

He decided at the last minute to not be in a country where politicains make him look good.

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Steven James


"He may be Old and English, but he can still be funny"

Top 9 Whacky Plots for 2014 Oscar Nominees

Have you ever guessed the plot of a movie based on its title?  I have many times.  Often it’s easy.  “Jaws” is a good example. 
If the title is vague it’s more difficult.  That was the case with this year’s Academy Award best picture nominees.
Following are storylines I imagined could unfold based on each title.
American Hustle
Set in the 70s, a disbarred attorney claims to have discovered the fountain of youth.  People wearing bell-bottoms and mood rings are left penniless after paying to bathe in the magical pool.  All played to a Donna Summer soundtrack.
Captain Phillips
A submarine cook is thrust into command after the crew is sickened with salmonella.  Double crossing and distrust are key plot components, along with the edibility of the Alaskan king crab.
Dallas Buyer Club
When Costco comes to Texas, a local government rallies to lock the retail giant from its community.  Deceit, passion, rage, and jealousy propel the story, along with unbeatable pricing on Gold Toe socks.
Due to a freak cosmic shift in the moon, the Earth is left with zero gravity, forcing people to float randomly.  Mass chaos ensues, especially for a group waiting in line at the DMV in rural Kansas.
The bride of Frankenstein comes alive in a reboot of the film classic.  Humor and horror are intertwined, as the creature’s friends throw a bridal shower in the private room of Olive Garden.
The state, known for cattle grazing, is the first state to secede from the union and elect a king.  Taxes are raised to build an extravagant castle, highlighted with a chocolate fountain.  Revolt follows.
An airborne virus, discovered by Dr. Philomena, wreaks havoc in the U.S. when it causes senators to communicate by singing opera.
12 Years a Slave
After boarding the wrong flight to North Korea in the mid-1950s, a balloon folder from Minnesota spends a dozen years entertaining the ruling party.
The Wolf of Wall Street
A tense thriller unfolds in a New York office complex when a wild Canis lupus is discovered in the snack room of a hedge fund.  A heroic broker attempts to tame the beast by feeding it Cheetos.

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Gary Georgevich

Gary Georgevich

Stringing Words Together To Create Jokes

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NHL Gets Pre-Empted

The third period of a Minnesota Wild-Colorado Avalanche playoff game on Versus was cut off for a Victoria Principal makeup infomercial. And the ratings actually went up.

Steve Hofstetter's National Lampoon Sports Minute

Steve Hofstetter's National Lampoon Sports Minute

"We're nuts about balls!"
Montclair, NJ

Sports Minute is edited by Steve Hofstetter

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