Tuesday , 26 September 2017
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Quicklaffs - Adam Richmond Stand Up Comedy

Quicklaffs - Adam Richmond Stand Up Comedy
Plays: 298

Comedy Time presents Quicklaffs. Comedy on the go! Adam Richmond thinks NASA could better utilize their research & development resources... Watch more comedy stand up videos: www.comedytime.com Watch ComedyTime on HULU www.hulu.com Connect with stand up comedians: www.facebook.com Get your comedy tweets at twitter.com

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Stop fucking with MARS! It's INHABITABLE ya dipshits!

Stop fucking with MARS! It's INHABITABLE ya dipshits!
Plays: 35

NASA is investing $150million into Asteroid Redirect Mission, which is a proper place to spend their money instead of investigating whether or not Mars is inhabitable for Humans. It isnt! So stop fucking with it! Spend your money cleaning up THIS fucking planet before we burn the whole house down!
(That's just my opinion)


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