Tuesday , 27 June 2017
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Xbox Live and Sony PlayStation Network Down After Hacking

XboxXbox Live and Sony PlayStation Network Down After Hacking:  A hacker group has claimed responsibility for taking Microsoft Corp’s Xbox Live and Sony Corp’s PlayStation Network offline.  Doctors are expressing concern that many of these kids haven’t been exposed to sunlight in ages and fear serious consequences should they happen to venture outside.


NeutrogenaNeutrogena Fined for Hazardous Waste Violations:  Cosmetics manufacturer Neutrogena must pay more than $400,000 to settle a civil action filed after state inspectors found several hazardous-waste violations at the cosmetic company’s Los Angeles manufacturing facility.  So for those who’ve been using Neutrogena on a regular basis, don’t act surprised when your face is declared a natural disaster area.


English Bulldog PupsGunman Steals English Bulldog Puppies:  An armed man has robbed a Pico Rivera pet shop of an undetermined amount of cash as well as stealing two English Bulldog puppies, valued at $2500 each.  Police say probably the easiest way to identify the stolen puppies would be by their British accents.

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Johnny Robish

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