Friday , 20 April 2018
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Man Dressed as Pine Tree Arrested for Blocking Traffic

portland-maineMan Dressed as Pine Tree Arrested for Blocking Traffic:  Police say in Portland Maine say they’ve arrested a man dressed as a pine tree for standing in the street and obstructing traffic on a busy downtown intersection.  Angry traffic cops say if this was a pine, it was “naughty” pine.  You can bet he’s really gonna get needled by friends about this.  Authorities initially questioned all his friends to see if any were accomplices, but they told police “you’re barking up the wrong tree.”


galaxiesAstronomers Say Universe Has Two Trillion Galaxies:  Astronomers report that new data indicate that there are at least two trillion galaxies in the universe, up to twenty times more than previously thought.  And perhaps even more, if one includes unfathomable places like Cleveland or Cincinnati.


icelandIceland Braces for a Pirate Party Takeover:  A collection of anarchists, hackers, libertarians and Web geeks known as the “Pirate Party, which didn’t even exist four years ago, is on the cusp of winning Iceland’s national elections.  Guess Icelanders must have felt like things in their country were heading south, which I suppose is a quite normal when you live so close to the North Pole.

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Johnny Robish

Johnny Robish

Guns Don't Kill, Postal Workers Do!
Malibu, California
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Up And Coming Comedian Nick Johnson


Bio: From the time he could make a coherent sentence,  Nick Johnson always knew how to make people laugh. Hailing from the small town of La Grande, Oregon, he harnessed his abilities to connect with an audience through various theater productions, one man shows, and concerts. After graduating from high school in 2009, Nick moved to Las Vegas to get a taste of the “Entertainment capital of the world” where he fell in love with stand-up comedy. He moved back home and enrolled at Eastern Oregon University, as a Communications major. After a couple of tries at open mics and school events, Nick gained a small following in the community; But he was still itching to get out and try to do shows in the bigger cities. After a show in Portland, OR, comedian Steve Hofstetter gave Nick some sound advice about his dream of moving to the big city to make it in this business. He said, “You need to become the big fish in YOUR pond, before you try to jump into the ocean. The ocean being Los Angeles, Las Vegas or New York.” Johnson has taken that advice to heart. And after 2 years of trying to become the “big fish”, Nick is ready to bring his small town style of comedy to the rest of the world.

Nick Johnson
My comedic influences include: Dave Russo, Steve Hoffstetter, Samuel J Comroe, Nick Swardson and the 1999 cast of Saturday Night Live.

Twitter: @NickJComedy

Youtube Clip:

Full youtube page:

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Adam Scott Waddle

Adam Scott Waddle

Profoundly Dumbfound
Las Vegas



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