Friday , 1 April 2022
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R. Kelly

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R. Kelly Shoulda' Known (Stand Up Comedy)

R. Kelly Shoulda' Known (Stand Up Comedy)
Plays: 1249

Alycia Cooper talks about R. Kelly getting away with urinating on an under aged girl.

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Alex JustAlex Podcast Ep 3: Trapped in the Podcast

Alex JustAlex Podcast Ep 3: Trapped in the Podcast
Plays: 807

Is R. Kelly an illiterate hip-hop savant calmly baffled by his own greatness? Mat Black (@TheMatBlack), Shanna Christmas (@ShannaChristmas), and Randall Thompson (@SlamDunkJesus) help me give R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet _commentary_ the rich analysis it has always deserved. Stay tuned to the end for the shocking conclusion! Seriously, we actually conclude something ...

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Alex JustAlex

Alex JustAlex

Las Vegas Stand-up Comedian @JustFuckinAlex
Las Vegas, NV

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