Sunday , 28 May 2017
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Trump Pushes His Way to the Front of NATO Leaders

Trump Pushes His Way to the Front of NATO Leaders:  People around the world are expressing shock at how US President Donald Trump appears to shove Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Marković out of the way in order to get to the front of the line during a tour of the NATO Headquarters.  OK, but in his defense, he may have thought it was the lunch line.


Cosmo Survey Probes the Popularity of Porn:  A new survey by Cosmopolitan Magazine found that over 30% of men say they watch porn every day and a whopping 71% say they watch porn at least once a month.  Good grief, if you want to watch gorgeous women using really nasty language, why not just turn on Fox News when they’re discussing Obamacare?


New Study Finds Chocolate Reduces Risk of AFib:  A new study has found that eating a small amount of chocolate every week or so may decrease the risk of developing a serious type of irregular heart rhythm.  Which is ironic when you consider that a chocoholic’s heart actually “skips a beat” when they see the stuff.

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Johnny Robish

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