Monday , 8 March 2021
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Will Paramount Pictures be sold off by mid-year?

February 2016 was the "Month of Merger Madness" when Viacom decided to sell a minority stake in Paramount Pictures - and, if, for any reason should Paramount be minority owned by someone else, the Middle Kingdom companies will sticvk a fork in Paramount at some point.


Yes, Paramount is finding a partner that can bring new projects onto the international stage. For Viacom, selling the majority of their shares in Paramount may not be the next transaction concerning a content production company.


Why not approach Disney about acquiring all of Paramount?


Why not? Now what, Viacom?


For starters, Viacom is a portmanteau of Video & Audio Communications. It comprises not only Paramount, but also MTV, Nickelodeon (Viacom's very first specialty television channel), BET, Comedy Central, VH1 and the newly acquired Soul Train franchise. Previously, I caught tuning in to Viacom's vintage unsold television pilot for ABC called Fast Lane Blues - it was a zany parody of car-chase comedies and thrillers which attracted Alphabet Network viewers like me.


Then there was Small Doses, which Viacom developed for its in-house specialty TV network Comedy Central, featuring Midtown North, which focused on life inside the fictional police-department precinct, and Strange Wilderness, which was the basis for the Paramount picture of the same name.


If the majority of their shares in Paramount were to be sold should Viacom get out of the film and TV production business, I would rather see a Paramount movie than electing Donald Trump for President of Citizenland at some point.


Wanda, DMG Entertainment,  21st Century Fox and other companies are turning their attention at acquiring a 40 or 45 percent interest in Paramount.


Which path will Viacom take, keeping cable's venerable MTV in the Viacom Media Networks fold or unloading most or part of Paramount?


Every just attends an advanced screening of a Paramount Pictures film instead of buying groceries or remodeling a single-family home.


And with Baywatch, a fifth Transformers feature on its way and the Will Smithian thriller Bounty underway, Viacom hopes to retain a minorty investment in Paramount Pictures, whoever buys the 40 or 45 percent stake in the studio.


Meanwhile, Viacom's latest animated film, The Little Princess, indeed, went to Netflix.


Since the death of Ralph Baruch, who launched Viacom (pronounced "VYE-uh-kom") into orbit in 1971 as a domestic North American off-network syndicator, it has had much financial, crucial and critical success with NBC's long-running defense-attorney thriller Matlock and the comic book-to-live-action situation comedy Sabrina the Teenage Witch, sci-fi action pilot Wish Man and classic 1980s family drama An American Dream on ABC as well as game shows Double Dare, Wild & Crazy Kids on Nickelodeon, Remote Control, Idiot Savants  and Who Knows the Band? on MTV and the offbeat Disney/ABC Television Group-developed Win Ben Stein's Money and Sony Pictures Television-produced The Gong Show with Dave Attell  on Comedy Central.


Will a minority stake in Paramount be divested soon? If so, I'd get my hands on The Daily and Nightly Shows with Trevor Noah and Larry Wilmore and keep J.J. Abrams from transforming himself into a Bad Robot! 




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I ain't got no time to blog. Comedy Co.

December 3 - 7 PM

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