Wednesday , 21 February 2018
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Royal Baby
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Ten Top Tweets This Week


Here are my tweets from this week that got the most attention. Follow me on Twitter @steviegeebee

Would have love to see Prince William drop kick a fake baby into the crowd. No sense of humour

Anthony Weiner is a Re-peter

#Weiner went to sex rehab and had a Speedo recovery

Maybe Anthony Weiner was sending pics of his Budget Package

To my non-comedian friends: Please know that when you say “you should put that in your act” means I will NEVER put that in my act

Prince William admits his first phone call was to Helen Mirren

Royal baby on the way. They can see the Titular Head

Apparently singing Broadway style Journey songs is the gateway to heroin

There’s a lady who knows she has the option of Leasing a Stairway to Heaven

Rolling Stone Magazine is dead to me

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Stevie GB

Stevie GB

The World's Funniest Accountant
Holbrook, Long Island New York

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