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Sherrod Small
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Black & White – Writers’ Submission Packet

Writers’ submission packet
Completed by Josh Carter

Black & White is a ½ hour comedy show for A&E hosted by comedians Christian Finnegan and Sherrod Small that examines the intersection of politics and popular culture through the lens of race. Our two hosts will come at the issues from different perspectives—that of the mainstream White fella, Christian Finnegan and modern Black guy, Sherrod Small. But Black & White isn’t a debate show—think of it as a cultural demilitarized zone, where we crack wise about social debates without giving in to White Guilt or Black Rage. Not simply focusing directly on race, Black & White will also examine the issues of the day, viewed through dueling POV’s. Are Black voters as upset about NSA spying as White people seem to be? Who’s more scared of ISIS? Is there any reason for someone to own a ―Selfie Stick? The show is set up like a comedic Crossfire or a Point/Counterpoint.
Look through this material and address it to the best of your ability. We’re interested in finding writers who have strong opinions and can present them comically.

If you’re liberal, be liberal—if you’re conservative, be conservative. If you’re somewhere in between, find a way to present your confusion forcefully!

Overview:The Week in Black & White – ten jokes/bits (see description below).The All-Seeing iPhone – 3 ideas, one 1-2 page script (see description below).Segments- 3 new ideas that could be a recurring bit a few sentences explaining each. Can be man on the street, in studio or field pieces.Sketch ideas- 3 ideas for sketches that fit the concept of the show. Think in terms of pre-taped bits—fake commercials, movie trailers, etc. – an example from SNL, as far as the tone we are going for.THE WEEK IN BLACK & WHITE:

BIT DESCRIPTION: Each episode of Black & White will begin with a look at current events. This is similar to ―Weekend Update‖, except the co-anchors don’t always agree and occasionally butt-in to say so. The idea here is that the ―facts‖ are different, depending on who’s looking at them.
Please write 5 jokes based on current events. These can be terse ―late night‖ jokes, but feel free to make them more conversational in nature.

A woman who protested outside a Kansas City rally for Donald Trump has been arrested on suspicion of slapping a police service animal.

Josh Carter Writing Sample 300w, 768w" sizes="(max-width: 863px) 100vw, 863px" />

1. The horse was one of the first white creatures attacked at a Trump Rally

Donald Trump Supporters Grope and Pepper Spray a 15 year old Protester at a Trump rally in Wisconsin

Josh Carter Writing Sample 300w" sizes="(max-width: 613px) 100vw, 613px" />

2. Donald Trump is like the Prophet Muhammad, I’d be afraid to disrespect him in front of a crowd of his followers

In only two years, Boris Berian went from working at McDonald’s to becoming a global star in track and field

Josh Carter Writing Sample 300w, 768w" sizes="(max-width: 785px) 100vw, 785px" />

3. Most of his training came from waking up 15 minutes before the start of his shift

Sarah Palin to be a new ‘Judge Judy’ in courtroom-based reality show

Josh Carter Writing Sample 300w" sizes="(max-width: 532px) 100vw, 532px" />

4. A goal of Sarah’s is to not to have Bristol on for more than 2 child support cases

5. Something tells me that no matter what the case is, Barack Obama will be found liable for damages


BIT DESCRIPTION: Hard to believe, but there are still celebrity scandals and political meltdowns that are NOT captured on cell phone video. But what if they were? BLACK & WHITE’s crack cell phone reenactment team is here to bring these previously hidden moments to life.

Basically, these are 1-2 minute sketches, presented as “uncovered” footage.

1. During their investigation, the FBI sits down with Hillary Clinton to talk about the content of her e-mails. Hillary gets in her head about them possibly having come across a black joke she sent

2. The all seeing iphone captures Ben Carson talking to his advisor/business manager, Armstrong Williams, who seems to only have bad ideas, about his next political move, a sex scandal. (See back of Packet)

3. Stacey Dash recently denounced BET and Black History Month. Over Thanksgiving dinner, the oldest woman in her family, Aunt Daisy has plenty to say about the issue


1. People React to Fake Kanye News (Man on the Street) – Sherrod and Christian hit the streets to see if they can figure out if there’s anything people won’t believe Kanye has done or said.

The following are examples of questions to be asked:

Kanye and Kim publishing baby names bookKanye and Stacey Dash are coming out with a daytime talk show on black issuesKanye passing the bar and joining Bill Cosby’s defense teamKanye endorses Trump and might be considered for his cabinet

2. Super Delegates (In Studio Game) – Sherrod and Christian debate on current events with opposing POVs. The Audience and 2 comedian super delegates vote on the winner. The Comedian Super Delegates act as judges and comment on the result.

Example Topic:Should the N word only be bleeped on TV when coming from a white guy?Are black trump supporters just doing it for “Doomsday Insurance?”Are black and white people offended by a white guy with dreads for different reasons?

3. Black Or White Crime? (Man On The Street) – Sherrod and Christian take to the streets with a list of topical, light hearted, humorous crime stories, pedestrians must guess if culprit was black or white. Sherrod and Christian further question them why and poke fun at their responses.

Example Stories:Masked Robber Foiled After Unfriending Victim On FacebookAngry patron unleashes giant python in sushi restaurantKid in cement truck leads police in high speed chaseFlight attendant dropped 70 pounds of cocaine and ranDJ fined for playing “F- The Police” while cops cleared out barSKETCHES:

1. Boycott Netflix (PSA) – Netflix’s suggestion algorithm has gotten so complex, that it can tell your race based on the first movie you watch and will even suggest movies based on stereotypes of people who are “like you.” People are sick of these racist practices by Netflix’s algorithm and are calling for everyone to boycott.

Sample Bits:
Hannibal Buress: “Just because I watched DMX in Belly, Netflix won’t stop recommending Booty Call and Soul Plane 2. Do you know how embarrassing that sentence is when I have company over?”

Insecure Frat Boy: “Netflix will never let me forget the time I watched Brokeback Mountain”

Native American – I watched “The Last of the Mohicans.” Now the only movies available to me are “Dances With Wolves” and “The Last of the Mohicans”

2. White (Movie Trailer parody of “Big” – SHOT LIKE ORIGINAL 80s Trailer) – Josh is a black man who always finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Until one day where he makes a wish at a routine traffic stop that changes everything. “I wish I could just get a warning sometimes”

The next morning he sees his luck change, all of his old problems are now his strengths. He gets hired at his dream job, his dream girl and consistently gets triple digit facebook likes without being thought provoking or influential in any way. Life is now good for Josh but at what price?

Sample Snippets:

Record Executive: “Josh just started working here, but I think I’m already ready to promote him to Vice President!”
We see a southern blonde sorority type’s tinder profile which reads “Becky, 24, Administrative Assistant” Josh swipes right, MATCH. Josh: “Wow, I usually don’t get Becky’s”

3. The Walking Dreads (Walking Dead Parody) – Rick Grimes, a Georgia police officer wakes up in the hospital. He has woken up to find that most of the world has turned black. He is now in a situation where he is the minority and must survive in an unfair world.

Sample Bits:

Rick wakes up in a predominantly black hospital. “Where am I?” “Atlanta” “Why am I here?” “We’re the only hospital that accepts your health insurance”

Rick returns to an empty home in search of his wife, Lorie and son, Carl. Something is on the kitchen table that catches Rick’s attention and really upsets him “NO! OH GOD NO! LORIE!” Rick picks up a flyer for a twerking class

“Their culture is spreading faster than ever, not even law enforcement can control it anymore. We need to find Carl!”

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Josh Carter

Josh Carter

Brooklyn, NY

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