Wednesday , 16 June 2021
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Steve Ballmer
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Picture of Kate Middleton’s Bottom Ignites International Controversy

Kate Middleton's BottomPicture of Kate Middleton’s Bottom Ignites International Controversy:  On a recent trip to Australia, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton were ambling toward their helicopter when a gust of wind stirred Middleton’s dress — and an international controversy.  What’s the big deal?  After all, she was visiting Australia and she simply gave us a much better look at the way things really look “down under.”  I mean it isn’t as if she was making an ass out of herself or something.


Cynicial PersonStudy Finds Cynicism May Lead to Dementia:  Researchers have found an association between cynical distrust – which researchers described in the study as “the belief that others are mainly motivated by selfish concerns” – and an increased risk of developing dementia.  Oh crap!  I’m in big trouble now.  I’m even cynical about this study.


Microsoft Holds Annual MeetingSteve Ballmer Bids $2 Billion for Clippers:  The Los Angeles Times reports that former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has signed an agreement to buy the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion, a team for which Donal Sterling paid only $12.5 million for in 1981.  Just to be sure, Ballmer does realize he is not buying the Lakers, right?  When asked if he still plans a fight to keep the team, Donald Sterling quietly replied “never mind.”  First order of business – upgrade all the team’s computers to Windows 8!

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Johnny Robish

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