Tuesday , 20 March 2018
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Supreme Court

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Trump Reportedly Considering Pardoning Himself

Trump Reportedly Considering Pardoning Himself:  News that Donald Trump and his lawyers are musing about the possibility of the President pardoning his family and himself to insulate them from any potential charges of wrongdoing related to the 2016 election has worked up many into a fury.  I beg your pardon – they’re considering what?  Frankly, sometimes I wish this family of grifters would just grab all the silverware and free souvenir pens and run away to Russia in the middle of the night.


Trump Names Anti-Science Radio Host as Chief Scientist:  President Trump has just nominated climate change skeptic and right-wing talk radio host Sam Clovis to serve as the Department of Agriculture’s chief scientist – a slap in the face to the scientific community and those responsible for the integrity of the USDA’s research.  Great, now about the only thing Mr Trump has left to do is appoint Judge Judy to the Supreme Court and Rush Limbaugh to head up the FDA Opioids Action Plan.  That should pretty much keep us all moving right along up that proverbial creek.


Catholic Church Bans Gluten-Free Communion Wafers:  A recent letter from the Vatican reminded the world’s Catholic bishops of a rule mandating wheat gluten be in the communion wafers used in the celebration of Mass by Catholics.  Wait a minute, the church is insisting communion wafers have gluten in them?  I thought “gluteny” was a sin.

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Johnny Robish

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