Sunday , 19 November 2017
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Thai Surgeons Remove 915 Coins Swallowed by Sea Turtle

Thai Surgeons Remove 915 Coins Swallowed by Sea Turtle:  Veterinarians in Bangkok have operated on the 25-year-old female green sea turtle to remove 915 coins that had been fed to the turtle by tourists seeking good luck.


That’s just crazy!  Who knew turtles had money problems too?  The poor thing was kind of like a floating ATM machine.  Boy, I’d really like to add my two cents to this story, but I doubt it would be helpful – given the circumstances.


If you ask me, this incident is nothing short of another “Watergate.”  Good thing they were able to perform this surgery right there in Thailand, because this turtle would never make it through our TSA body scanners – that’s for sure.  I’d be willing to bet she’ll recover, but making a bet like that would be like betting on the old shell game.  Meanwhile, doctors are anxiously awaiting to see if there’s any “change” in the patient.


Sadly, shortly after the operation to remove all the coins, the turtle filed for bankruptcy.  To think that the creature saved up all that money for all those years and it still wasn’t enough to cover its medical deductible.  Where’s the justice I ask you?  Let’s just hope wildlife officials have enough “cents” to release the poor turtle in an area far away from all the tourists this time.

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Johnny Robish

Johnny Robish

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Malibu, California

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