Tuesday , 26 September 2017
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Ted Nugent

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Ted Nugent Says Its Time to Turn Down the Hateful Rhetoric

Ted Nugent Says Its Time to Turn Down the Hateful Rhetoric:  In an interesting turn of events, Ted Nugent – the Second Amendment rocker who called President Obama “a subhuman mongrel who should suck on my machine gun” and insisted “Obama & Clinton should be tried for treason and hung,” now says its time we should all “tone down the hateful rhetoric.”


Why what an unusual change of heart coming from someone who’s always been a proud race-baiting, opportunist rabble-rouser – essentially kind of a David Duke with a guitar.  Could this be Ted Nugent’s first attempt at a career in comedy or did someone perhaps sit him down and explain the “glass houses” metaphor to him?


Gee, it’s beginning to look as if these alt-right “snowflakes” suddenly want to create themselves some “safe spaces” after some hateful, homicidal, maniac points some of those guns they seem to love so much right back at them.


And isn’t it interesting now that his guy is in office, Ted’s decided he suddenly wants everyone to hold hands and sing Kumbaya – while they’re busy cutting all the social safety nets for American families.  Forgive me for being cynical, but this sounds like nothing more than a big bunch of covfefe to me.

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Johnny Robish

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