Sunday , 19 November 2017
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New Berkeley Study Explains Why Shoelaces Come Undone

New Berkeley Study Explains Why Shoelaces Come Undone:  After numerous tests run on a treadmill, a UC Berkeley professor of mechanical engineering determined that the combination of banging a leg up and down and jerking it forward is primarily responsible for our shoelaces continually becoming untied.  Oh yea, I’ve heard about that study.  I believe its called “String Theory.”  If you ask me, the solution to this is simple.  Instead of using regular shoelaces, try lacing your shoes with the wire attached to your earbuds.  Hell, once they’re knotted up, its virtually impossible to undo them.  Personally, I prefer loafers because I’m just knot into lacing up my shoes.


Study Finds Cats Choose Human Company over Treats and Toys:  In a surprising new study out of Oregon State, researchers found that house cats and shelter cats actually tended to prefer human company over treats or toys.  While cat lovers applauded the finding, dog lovers are claiming the study is littered with errors.


Indigenous Panamanian Tribe Values Big Noses:  Anthropologists say the San Blas Indians of Panama value large noses – believing that an enormous nose is the mark of a “great leader.”  Yea, well that’s all fine until one those “great leaders” decides to stick their enormous nose in all of our business.

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Johnny Robish

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