Tuesday , 24 November 2020
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The Simpsons

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How To Fix The Simpsons - Steve Hofstetter

How To Fix The Simpsons - Steve Hofstetter
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How To Fix The Simpsons - Steve Hofstetter
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At a post-show Q&A in Perth, Australia, Steve Hofstetter gets asked another F, Marry, Kill. This time, however, it's inspired by one of his podcasts. Contrary to popular belief, Steve doesn't just go around randomly asking people on his podcast what they think about the Simpsons, but it's enough to create a F, Marry, Kill question. Steve must choose between Mr. Burns, Marge's sisters, and Wise Guy. Obviously, killing Mr. Burns would be for the good of Springfield. Steve and Daniel Muggleton are then asked how long they are going to be performing in Australia, and for Daniel (who is from Sydney), that's kind of a weird question. Featuring Daniel Muggleton.

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