Sunday , 19 November 2017
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Meteorologist Claims Haiti’s Hungry Children Eating All Their Trees

deforestation-of-haitiMeteorologist Claims Haiti’s Hungry Children Eating All Their Trees:  Many viewers are expressing total outrage after Weather Channel Meteorologist Jen Delgado blamed the deforestation of Haiti on hungry children whom she claims are eating all the trees.


Wow, blaming deforestation on tree-eating kids?  Sounds like she’s been watching too many reruns of Leave it to Beaver.  Personally, I think she’s barking up the wrong tree.  It just sounds crazy, I mean – if they’re gobbling-up all the trees, then what are they gonna use for toothpicks?  If the allegations are true, this could be considered an act of treason.


Local Haitians have been defending the children by pointing out that their bark is much worse than their bite.  One thing’s for sure, if these kids are resorting to eating trees, they should immediately pack their trunks and leave the island.  Its time to turn over a new leaf.


Anyway, guess we no longer have to guess who’ll be heading-up the National Weather Service under a Trump Administration – Jen Delgado.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t start mentioning her in his stump speeches.

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Johnny Robish

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