Saturday , 22 February 2020
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Virginia Beach

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Fox Fires its Head of Sports Programming

Fox Fires its Head of Sports Programming:  Fox has fired Sports Programming head Jamie Horowitz a week after the network began investigating allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace in its sports division.  Well, when you consider sexual harassment has always been sort of a sport in and of itself over at Fox, I guess having it occur in their sports division just makes sense.


White House Denies Office of Science and Technology Now Empty:  The White House is denying reports by former staffers that one division within the Office of Science and Technology Policy is now completely unstaffed and empty.  The White House claims its all just a misunderstanding and the only reason the office is currently vacant is that their top scientist Ken Ham had a few issues to attend to at his Ark Encounter Theme Park back in Kentucky before he begins his stint as chief science advisor to the President.


Starbucks Worker Who Mysteriously Vanished During Break Found Alive:  A North Carolina Starbucks worker who clocked out for a scheduled break and never returned has been found alive nearly a week later nearly 200 miles away in Virginia Beach.  I don’t wanna sound critical, but I ordered a latte earlier this evening at a Starbucks here in LA and I could swear by the time I finally got my drink, I believe my barista could have walked to Virginia Beach and back – perhaps even taking time out for a quick swim in the Atlantic.

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