Saturday , 25 March 2017
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Weight Loss

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Wii Fit-Less (Stand Up Comedy)

Wii Fit-Less (Stand Up Comedy)
Plays: 75492

More Stand up Comedy Time videos on - Stand up Comedy of Bijan Mostafavi just starting to use his Wii to lose weight, but his Wii keeps giving him attitude. Please Subscribe Like / Comment ! Like us on Follow us on Comedy Stand Up Comedy Comics Comedians Funny Los Angeles Wii games weight jokes

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Chubby Chaser (Stand Up Comedy)

Chubby Chaser (Stand Up Comedy)
Plays: 3997

Gloria Magaña talks about what kind of guys she typically dates.

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Plays: 7540

★THIS WEEK: "Hydroxycut" - This BS brand of weight loss supplement is blackberries and caffiene. But is Hydroxycut real or fake? Let's debunk!
★It's not JUST a commercial! Peter and Ashleigh breakdown the ads that saturate our lives in ADVERSARIES - NEW Episodes Saturdays!

★FROM IOVATE HEALTH SCIENCES: "America's Number One weight loss supplement brand! With a variety of weight loss formats to suit your lifestyle, Hydroxycut really works to help you lose weight!"

★EPISODE 11: "Trump - Two Americas"
★EPISODE 10: "That Olympic Gold Feeling"



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Adversaries takes on Hydroxycut. Don't bother with a Hydroxycut review, there's enough information in any Hydroxycut commercial not to use Hydroxycut. A Hydroxycut ad, or ANY advertisement, that says "IT REALLY WORKS!" is setting a really low bar. Of course, every Hydroxycut advertisement does it. People say "Hydroxycut does it work?" but Hydroxycut diet pills most likely do not work. If they do anything, it's not backed by any kind of study - and the studies on their ingredients only study them in much larger doses. Is Hydroxycut fake? Do Hydroxycut work? Does Hydroxycut really work? Does Hydroxycut gummies work? These are all very common questions. Another is "is Hydroxycut safe?" This Hydroxycut debunking gives you an answer before you even bother with a "Hydroxycut before and after." Adversaries answers if Hydroxycut real or fake. Hydroxycut is fake.

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